OTAS Market Data Analytics Offered on Fidessa’s Trading Platform via New Partnership Program

OTAS Technologies has announced Fidessa is integrating its market data analytics into its trading platform. The announcement is part of Fidessa’s Partnership Program, which allows select third-party content providers to implement programs into Fidessa’s trading workflow.

OTAS represents Fidessa’s first partner in the new program.

“OTAS is a valuable addition to our Optimized Trading initiative sitting alongside our Order Performance Monitor to provide our customers with valuable insights into their order performance and their trading strategies,” said James Blackburn, global head of sell-side equities product marketing at Fidessa, in a statement.

“Our goal is to provide our customers with the best available technology regardless of who builds it. OTAS provides a best of breed product that optimizes trading outcomes offering a complete breakdown of market conditions and allowing traders to adjust orders in real time based on dynamic market micro-structure changes.”

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