OTAS Launches Intraday Lingo Tool assists traders in meeting regulatory and best execution requirements

OTAS Technologies (OTAS), a specialist provider of market analytics and trader intelligence, today announced the launch of Intraday Lingo, an extension of its existing Lingo natural language reporting technology. OTAS Intraday Lingo pairs Lingo’s automated natural language with their microstructure charts to provide a textual report identifying intraday moves and alerts, both in real-time and historically. The tool, providing analyses for the entire trade lifecycle from pre-trade, in-trade and post-trade, provides valuable insights to traders and compliance departments alike.

With Intraday Lingo, traders are presented with an alert-driven timeline of intraday events to build a narrative of what happened during the trading day with a verification option through clicking on each entry and inspecting the microstructure. This functionality focuses on assisting traders in managing regulatory, compliance and best execution obligations by essentially creating an audit trail and tracking every decision made during each trade. With real-time alerts, the software also assists the trader in capturing risk to act accordingly.

OTAS Intraday Lingo specifically addresses best execution post-trade analysis requirements relating to MiFID II. With this innovation solution to the MiFID II compliance problem, both traders and risk officers alike can quickly and easily access OTAS Intraday Lingo reports, which summarize the important events of the trading day for a security. Additionally, OTAS Intraday Lingo provides standard TCA metrics and includes the context of the market dynamics over the life of the order, making it easier to understand the whole situation, including out of the ordinary occurrences.

“In a rapidly changing regulatory environment, we are committed to helping our clients maximize efficiency while being compliant to new regulatory requirements,” said Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technologies. “Today’s traders are already faced with an immense amount of data to sift through while making trading decisions. Traders make hundreds, if not thousands of trades daily, sometimes with only a fraction of a second to make those decisions.”

Having OTAS Intraday Lingo means that risk and compliance teams can review trades in a few seconds, rather than minutes or hours. Instead of needing to wade through tick data and fill logs, it can be read in a simple plain English report that captures all the important information. Traders can go back and recreate market conditions that day to show why those decisions were made for regulatory and compliance requirements. Intraday Lingo keeps OTAS clients ahead of the forthcoming regulatory mandates to ensure they can continue to trade at their best.