OTAS launches Intraday 2iQ Insider Transaction Data

LONDON, 07 March 2016OTAS Technologies (OTAS), a specialist provider of market analytics and trader intelligence, today announced an enhanced product offering with 2iQ, a behavioral finance research firm that provides insider transaction data for over 45,000 stocks worldwide. OTAS Core App will redistribute on a real time basis 2IQ insider transactions combined with their unique proprietary insider star ranking to give OTAS clients real-time information on insider dealings to help drive intelligent investment decisions and focus their attention where it is needed most.

2iQ provides a variety of insider transaction data, from analyst researched transactions, filing footnotes and information on transactions related to company events. Using its in-house team of analysts, the firm captures data across over 100 data sources on more than 45,000 companies in 50 countries globally. Available immediately, OTAS clients will have access to real-time insider information through a 2iQ insider stamp, including optional alerts on insider deals that provide live updates on insider transactions.

Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technologies, said: “Traders today require a new depth of market intelligence and analytics to maintain a competitive edge in the market, including fast access to data on insider transactions and holdings. Our partnership with 2iQ gives our clients access to this unique data set in the most efficient and automated way and as quickly as the data is available so they can make the best trading decisions possible.”

Patrick Hable, Managing Partner and Founder at 2iQ, adds: “As a leader in the trading analytics space we chose to partner with OTAS as a comprehensive source for gauging insider sentiment at the company, industry or country level. Being integrated on their platform has created increased market visibility, greater awareness and recognition for our solution and the partnership gives us access to an intuitive analytical tool that allows our data to be displayed in the best possible way whilst also expanding its reach to OTAS’ growing client base. We look forward to building on this relationship over the next few months.”