Olivetree Group Announces Demerger of Technology Business

Olivetree Group, a global financial services firm, has today announced plans to demerge OTAS Technologies, its financial technology subsidiary, following approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the firm’s Board of Directors.

OTAS Technologies was established in 2012 and provides some of the world’s largest institutions analytics to support their investment and trading decisions. Olivetree Financial (previously known as Olivetree Securities) is the group’s broker dealer, serving institutional clients worldwide, and will continue to operate under the Olivetree Group.

In the past twelve months, both Olivetree Financial and OTAS Technologies have experienced significant growth by expanding globally and working with some of the world’s largest asset managers. Olivetree Financial continued its expansion in the US and Europe, and has recently opened an office in Australia led by regional CEO, Ian Simmonds.

OTAS Technologies continues to invest in its technology, most recently launching OTAS Base, an API and visualisation toolkit. This progress, combined with the benefits to each business, has encouraged the Board of Olivetree to move ahead with the demerger.

“This is a decisive step towards unlocking the potential of both businesses and putting each in a position from which it can better support its clients,” said Daryn Kutner, Olivetree Group CEO and Founder “The goal is to ensure that both Olivetree Financial and OTAS Technologies are able to continue delivering differentiated, reliable, and unique services to their respective clients. We believe this decision will benefit both businesses and allow each to build upon their strong growth trajectories. We are excited to be moving into a new chapter and look forward to supporting our clients for years to come.”