OTAS Breaks into Germany with Union Win

Frankfurt-headquartered asset manager Union Investment has incorporated OTAS Technologies’ platform, bolstering its decision-making capabilities with the vendor’s big-data analytics engine.

OTAS runs an alerting service designed to flag up potential trading opportunities and risks on existing trades, delivered through a cloud-based mechanism. The firm, which has over EUR220 billion ($274 billion) in assets under management, is also using the vendor’s Trade Shaper platform.

Simon Halliday makes Financial News Extra mile supplement

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Too Much Data, Too Little Information

OTAS Technologies has positioned itself as a provider of real-time, live market-data analytics that can put the portfolio manager on an even information footing with the trader. Among major buy-side institutions, Franklin Templeton is one of OTAS’ major customers, and seven of the top ten institutions by AUM are customers, according to CEO Tom Doris.

“The overriding theme for us in 2014 has been the growth awareness in the buy side and the sell side of the need for analytics, not just metrics but actual analytics that extract information from data,” Doris told Markets Media.

OTAS launches OTAS Base to streamline workflow

OTAS Technologies has launched OTAS Base, an API and visualisation toolkit for developers to assist in building applications that integrate OTAS analytics and visual elements. Using OTAS Base, developers can build applications that include OTAS’ intraday analytics on over 10,000 stocks.

Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technologies, said, “By using OTAS Base, developers capitalize on best-in-class market analytics and OTAS user interface components too. Applications that leverage the toolkit will look great with relatively little effort. OTAS Base is built entirely on open web standard technologies like HTML5. We don’t impose a framework so developers can use the parts that are useful and build software on their own terms.”

OTAS Technologies Previews Move into Sell-Side and EMS Spaces, Preps OTAS Views

Doris says OTAS is in the “early stages” of speaking to the sell side, and has gone through product evaluations with six tier-one investment banks. The plan is to break into the sell side sometime in the first quarter of 2015. The move makes sense, Doris says, because sales and execution traders are hearing about OTAS from their largest buy-side clients, and the vendor’s analytics solutions have crossover for the sell side.

“The major EMS providers would all say that they’re in competition with Bloomberg for real estate, so the more functionality and content they can put into their platform, the fewer times the trader is going to key out to Bloomberg and the stickier their product becomes,” he says.

In early December, OTAS will officially release OTAS Views, which is a new feature that will allow traders and portfolio managers to create user-customizable views and analytics. “For the first time, a portfolio manager can take the platform and create a view that is only focused on a couple of valuation metrics,” Doris says.

This is an excellent feature piece that displays OTAS’ full-suite of products and forward-thinking momentum. We are pleased to see even more immediate coverage coming out of the recent media tour.

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Olivetree Group Announces Demerger of Technology Business

Olivetree Group, a global financial services firm, has today announced plans to demerge OTAS Technologies, its financial technology subsidiary, following approval from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the firm’s Board of Directors.

OTAS Technologies was established in 2012 and provides some of the world’s largest institutions analytics to support their investment and trading decisions. Olivetree Financial (previously known as Olivetree Securities) is the group’s broker dealer, serving institutional clients worldwide, and will continue to operate under the Olivetree Group.

In the past twelve months, both Olivetree Financial and OTAS Technologies have experienced significant growth by expanding globally and working with some of the world’s largest asset managers. Olivetree Financial continued its expansion in the US and Europe, and has recently opened an office in Australia led by regional CEO, Ian Simmonds.

OTAS Technologies continues to invest in its technology, most recently launching OTAS Base, an API and visualisation toolkit. This progress, combined with the benefits to each business, has encouraged the Board of Olivetree to move ahead with the demerger.

“This is a decisive step towards unlocking the potential of both businesses and putting each in a position from which it can better support its clients,” said Daryn Kutner, Olivetree Group CEO and Founder “The goal is to ensure that both Olivetree Financial and OTAS Technologies are able to continue delivering differentiated, reliable, and unique services to their respective clients. We believe this decision will benefit both businesses and allow each to build upon their strong growth trajectories. We are excited to be moving into a new chapter and look forward to supporting our clients for years to come.”

Analysing TCA

Existing practices for transaction cost analysis (TCA) may be letting institutional investors down as they don’t help them to improve and adapt their trading process, according to Tom Doris, CEO of data analytics provider OTAS.

“In the past, the buy-side had relatively little data available to them, but it was informative data they could use to support trading and investment decisions. Today, the volume of data has increased massively, but unless you take control of it then it’s just numbers,” Doris explained.

OTAS Technologies continues expansion of its US sales team

London and New York, 27 May, 2014 – OTAS Technologies, the preferred decision support partner to the world’s largest global institutions, has hired Jennifer Martyn as the latest member of its rapidly expanding US sales team. Her hire follows the appointment of Nick Lieder earlier this year as Head of US Sales.

Ms Martyn joins OTAS Technologies following a successful career at Thomson Reuters where she worked in the Pan European Equity Research Division, generating over $1.4 million per year in revenues. Prior to that, she spent six years at StarMine building up the company’s European sales office, and began her career as an equity sales trader based in Miami, London and the Czech Republic.

Ms Martyn will work alongside the expanding North American global product specialist team, including Courtenay Kane and Noah Levin. Ms Kane joined OTAS in 2013 with several years’ experience as an equity sales trader, while Mr Levin was a product specialist in derivatives technology prior to joining the OTAS team in January 2014. The team will work together to ensure a seamless integration of OTAS and TradeShaper into the workflow of new and existing institutional investment clients.

“I feel very lucky to be part of a young dynamic company that considers its clients’ needs first, before constructing well thought out solutions in this rapidly changing financial industry. I’m looking forward to working with the team in the US and on a global level to increase the OTAS footprint and grow the business”, added Jennifer Martyn, New Business Sales at OTAS Technologies.

“Jennifer’s expertise and industry experience will bring a new dimension to the US team and its sales efforts. Her dynamic and client-centric approach to the fintech sales process has proven in the past to be a great recipe for success. We are very excited to have her join the team and look forward to expanding the US activity with her involvement,” said Nick Lieder, Head of US Sales, OTAS Technologies.

Continual growth across the globe is further highlighted by the new hires of Alex Wild and Cantonese and Mandarin speaker, Kim Zhang, who join the global product specialist team in London and Hong Kong, respectively.

The OTAS platform provides traders and portfolio managers with the information they need to make better investment decisions, on more than 8,000 stocks worldwide. It alerts traders to hidden risks and opportunity in their portfolio or watch list, and highlights important information, normally concealed in market data. OTAS separates the signal from the noise.

OTAS Technologies opens TradeShaper

Trading decision-support platform provider OTAS Technologies is putting the final touches to its OTAS Base software development kit, which will enable users to integrate OTAS content in to their existing trading platforms.

The offering is an open web standards and visual API, which OTAS developed with a couple of large and un-named early adopters and should be available in the coming weeks, according to Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technology.

Clients using OTAS Base will be able to provide access to OTAS TradeShaper’s historical and market microstructure analytics to other platforms, embed TradeShaper content into their execution an order management systems as well as rapidly develop their own applications based on TradeShaper’s look and feel.

The vendor decided it would rather open its TradeShaper analysis platform so that it could be integrated into clients’ systematic trading platforms than evolving their platform into a black-box trading system.

“We want to avoid providing trading advice,” said Doris. “We do not know whether a situation would be a buy or sell opportunity for a client since we do not know their what investment goals or risk appetite are. There could be two clients looking at the same risk indicators and it would be a buy situation for one and a sell situation for the other.”

OTAS Technologies introduces OTAS InTrade, the first real time TCA and trading performance analysis system

London and New York, 15th July, 2014 – OTAS Technologies, the preferred decision support partner to the world’s largest global institutions, announces the introduction of OTAS InTrade, the first ever real time transaction cost and trading performance analysis system that enables trades to be executed more efficiently while minimizing costs.

OTAS InTrade, provides global market traders with real time analytics to changing market conditions allowing them to react to a variety of trading benchmarks and quickly identify which orders need to be addressed. OTAS InTrade provides a live market microstructure that gives traders a competitive advantage over their peers. The unique platform also includes a new flexible modular design that allows every trader to customize their workflow.

“For years, trader performance has been measured at the end of the month by transaction cost analysis benchmarks like arrival price, VWAP and PWP. Now in an environment of increased regulatory scrutiny, more competition and relatively low returns on equities, real time TCA is becoming fundamental at buy-side firms to analyse the efficiency of their entire investment process says Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technologies.”

OTAS InTrade is more dynamic than TCA and intraday TCA and for the first time, traders can see these measures as they are trading, allowing them to focus their attention on the trades that aren’t performing well and take immediate action. This is an exciting new development from OTAS and with our team of experts we will continue to innovate our offering to the market to ensure we are providing the best tools to the traders, allowing them to make better informed trading decisions.

The OTAS platform separates signal from noise, providing traders and portfolio managers with the information they need to make better investment decisions on more than 8,000 stocks worldwide. The recently updated version of OTAS also features a new navigation tool and additional functionality for the OTAS platform and add-on TradeShaper module – a live microstructure analysis and trade management system that seeks to minimise a trader’s total trading costs with zero leakage into the market.