FlexTrade integrates OTAS Trading Intelligence and Analytic Solutions into FlexTrader EMS

FlexTrade Embeds All Current OTAS Apps and Alerts into Buy-Side EMS

Great Neck, New York, October 27, 2015 – FlexTrade Systems, Inc., a global leader in multi-asset execution and order management systems, and OTAS Technologies, today announced the integration of OTAS Apps and Alerts, including Core Summary, Microstructure, Stacked Graph, Lingo, Express and News with FlexTRADER EMS.  The flexible integration ensures all current and future OTAS Apps will be available in FlexTRADER EMS.

OTAS is a specialist provider of market analytics and trader intelligence, empowering traders and portfolio managers with a complete view of the market. It provides customizable alerts based on users specific needs, such as short interest, insider transactions, options and CDS.  Fully embedded into FlexTRADER’s trading blotter, OTAS’ primary features include sentiment indicators, an early warning risk system, and advanced decision support for order placement timing.  OTAS Alerts are also available alongside order details in transaction cost analysis tool FlexTCA to ensure regulatory compliance and provide clients with a complete picture of the trade lifecycle from within their workflow.

Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technologies, said: “OTAS Technologies strives to simplify complex trading workflows for our clients, providing intelligence and analysis that enable them to make better trading decisions faster. By integrating OTAS Apps and Alerts into the FlexTrade system, OTAS and FlexTrade are continuing to address these needs for our joint clients, making it even easier for them to access the intelligence they need right from within their workflow.”

According to Vikas Kedia, Managing Director of FlexTrade UK Ltd in London, OTAS analytics are an ideal match for FlexTRADER EMS, and is an integral part of FlexTrade’s wider open-architecture policy.  “Successful technology is always deliberate, especially when it comes to electronic trading,” said Kedia.  “As such we endeavor to keep our clients trading capabilities well ahead of the curve, and ensure they have the right information to trade their best. Integrating OTAS market intelligence with FlexTRADER is the next step forward in that process.”

About FlexTrade Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1996, FlexTrade Systems Inc. is the industry pioneer in broker-neutral order and execution management trading platforms for equities, foreign exchange, listed derivatives and fixed income. With offices in North America, Europe and Asia, FlexTrade has a worldwide client base spanning more than 175 buy- and sell-side firms, including many of the largest investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, commodity trading advisors and institutional brokers. For more information, visit FlexTrade Systems at www.flextrade.com or follow news of the company on Twitter at www.twitter.com/flextrade or LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/company/flextrade.

About OTAS Technologies
OTAS Technologies provides next-generation market analytics and trader intelligence to the world’s leading banks and institutions. It uses artificial intelligence and big data analysis to alert clients to opportunities and risks, in real-time and in plain English, allowing them to make faster and more informed trading decisions. Due to its open architecture and extensive partnership network, OTAS is seamlessly integrated into clients’ existing OMS, PMS or EMS, providing access to OTAS Apps and Alerts from within the trading workflow.

Founded in 2011, OTAS Technologies is headquartered in London, UK with offices in major financial centres around the world. For more information on OTAS, please visit us at www.otastech.com or www.tryotas.com, our blog, blog.otastech.com, or follow us on Twitter @otastech.

OTAS Technologies Advanced Market Intelligence Available in Thomson Reuters Eikon

LONDON, 14 October 2015OTAS Technologies has today announced the availability of its advanced market intelligence and analytics directly inside Thomson Reuters Eikon. Two applications, OTAS Core Summary and OTAS Microstructure have been integrated to provide users with immediate access to OTAS analytics and visualization tools for supporting trading, risk and portfolio management from within their Eikon workflow.

Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technologies said, “OTAS is continually working to simplify life for our clients while ensuring they have access to the intelligence they need to make better trading decisions. One of the ways we do this is by keeping our platform open and easy to integrate with existing systems. The integration and availability of OTAS market leading intelligence and analytics in Thomson Reuters Eikon is another example of how we are achieving this goal.”

The OTAS apps were built using App Studio in Eikon, Eikon’s third party app development suite. The OTAS apps are tightly integrated with Eikon creating a seamless user experience and efficient workflow. Unlike firms with legacy architecture, OTAS is able to quickly and easily integrate with customers’ existing systems to drive a smoother transition between applications, and a more streamlined trade workflow. Combining Eikon’s news, market data and analytical tools and OTAS’ powerful data analytics and market intelligence, OTAS’ clients can leverage real-time market insight and analysis for trade decision support.

Albert Lojko, Global Head of Desktop at Thomson Reuters said: “Promoting openness and collaboration within Eikon is one of the primary reasons we created App Studio, and we’re thrilled that companies like OTAS are seeing the possibilities and creating ways to streamline workflow for our joint customers.”

OTAS Core Summary provides equity market analytics to portfolio managers and traders facilitating greater visibility into relevant signals and risk forecasts for trades. OTAS Microstructure provides live visual analysis of market events, enabling traders to adjust their strategies based on real-time market conditions and movements. Both applications are available now to use in Eikon.

Join Us for a Buy Side Breakfast!

Save The Date! OTAS Technologies is thrilled to announce a Buy Side Breakfast Event held on October 13th, 2015.

Topic: How everyone will invest and trade in the future?

Following is the agenda of the event:

  • 8.00 am: Breakfast Served.
  • 8.30 am to 9.00 am: Opening Speech by Mr. Tom Doris (CEO, OTAS Technologies) “Levelling the Investment Playing Field Between Human and Machine.”
  • 9.00 am to 10.00 am: Open Discussions and Debates.

Venue: 5th Floor, 60 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6NP

For RSVP, please email Charlotte Wall: charlotte.wall@otastech.com

OTAS Plugs Trading Analytics into Portware EMS

London-based trade analytics provider OTAS Technologies will integrate real-time trade and market analytics into trading technology vendor Portware’s Enterprise execution management system (EMS), to support the real-time trading decisions of its trader clients.

The two vendors held talks over the summer before recently signing an official agreement.Portware is currently integrating OTAS Technologies‘ analytics into its workflow, and will beta test the offering with customers before a full launch later this quarter.

Under the deal, OTAS will integrate two of its core analytics offerings into Portware’s EMS. The first is its microstructure analytics application, which provides analysis of real-time microstructure events and alerts traders to usual movements in volume, spread and price of equities. The application leverages real-time market data sourced by OTAS directly from exchanges, as well as a range of quantitative models to analyze previous behavior of stocks.

Once the microstructure analytics application is integrated in Portware’s Enterprise environment, the vendor’s asset management clients will be able to use the application to monitor the stocks that they are interested in trading or have traded in the past. Leveraging historical data, OTAS has calculated its own model for each stock to determine movements that constitute “usual” behavior.

The second piece of the deal is OTAS’ summary application, which includes information relevant to the equities markets, such as options and credit default swap data, insider transaction, technical data, news flows, events and dividend yields. Traders using the application can query an individual stock, and have the application carry out analysis and provide them with a sentence or paragraph in English describing the conditions. OTAS uses “best-of-breed” providers for each dataset, but does not expose the raw data to traders.

“We are very much not interested in regurgitating data. Rather, we want to provide the same analysis to traders that they would get after many hours of work,” says OTAS chief executive Tom Doris. “We have feed handlers that understand how to analyze information for each dataset as analyzing insider transactions is different from analyzing sentiment in the options market.”

Rather than providing the analytics as a standalone product, Portware is seeking to implement a deeper integration to provide customers with “seamless” experience, Doris says. “Portware is managing the workflow integration, but is not building an app store. We are currently working with them to explore ways to deliver a deeper integration and more detailed analytics into the EMS front end,” he adds.

Doris says there has been a major change in the industry over the past 12 months, as trading platforms have recognized the need to provide specialized analytics in the trader workflow. However, he adds the advantage of partnering with a third-party provider like OTAS, rather than building analytics in-house means that firms like Portware can focus on their core business. “It’s not that they wouldn’t be able to do it in-house, but that it would shift their cultural focus. They are an EMS provider, and they need to focus on EMS regulations, the constantly changing landscape of connectivity, and algorithmic trading issues.”

OTAS currently provides analytics for equities instruments, exchange-traded funds and futures, but may look to expand its coverage in 2016 to include other assets traded by Portware’s customers, such as fixed income.