OTAS Technologies opens TradeShaper

Trading decision-support platform provider OTAS Technologies is putting the final touches to its OTAS Base software development kit, which will enable users to integrate OTAS content in to their existing trading platforms.

The offering is an open web standards and visual API, which OTAS developed with a couple of large and un-named early adopters and should be available in the coming weeks, according to Tom Doris, CEO of OTAS Technology.

Clients using OTAS Base will be able to provide access to OTAS TradeShaper’s historical and market microstructure analytics to other platforms, embed TradeShaper content into their execution an order management systems as well as rapidly develop their own applications based on TradeShaper’s look and feel.

The vendor decided it would rather open its TradeShaper analysis platform so that it could be integrated into clients’ systematic trading platforms than evolving their platform into a black-box trading system.

“We want to avoid providing trading advice,” said Doris. “We do not know whether a situation would be a buy or sell opportunity for a client since we do not know their what investment goals or risk appetite are. There could be two clients looking at the same risk indicators and it would be a buy situation for one and a sell situation for the other.”